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Digital Media

Our digital media services include not only these previously mentioned deliverables but also application development for Xbox and video game development.  Fish Factory Media has proven marketing expertise in the indie videogame marketplace through promotion of our own software. We would create and promote your game to gaming media outlets using industry-standard marketing materials. We will also utilize social media outlets such as Reddit and Facebook in order to get the word out about your product to as many gamers as possible.

When Fish Factory Media released Defy Gravity Extended on Steam, we were able to reach the front page of r/gaming on Reddit through our social media marketing efforts, a page that has well over 1.5 million subscribers. We have existing relationships with individuals in large outlets, popular gaming sites, and popular video bloggers. Fish Factory products have been featured on sites such as IGN, RockPaperShotgun, TotalBiscuit(CynicalBrit), and We will make every effort to make sure as many people know about your product as possible. We provide hosting costs and offer 24/7 support staff while the bundle is running.

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